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NaraWalk is operated by a group of professional guides who are experts in Japanese history and culture.

We have completed the guide training course at Tezukayama University in the field of Japanese history and culture.

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We will talk about history, mysterious legends and culture of Nara, while walking and showing you the best parts of Nara. 

Since we started NaraWalk walking tours in the ancient capital of Nara in 2009, we have been delighted to see the happy faces of the many visitors who have enjoyed our tours.  Read what our guests have said about NARAWALK on our Facebook page or on our TripAdvisor page.
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Hi, Im Daisy. I’m good at cooking, eating, and growing vegetables. How about guiding?

Kay (keiko)

What I like: eating and cooking, traveling and enjoying unique scenery and culture. And serving you as a guide.


I like walking in a forest, finding a lovely path and a quaint back alley and seeing pretty little things.


I like reading books, especially historical novels. I also like making cookies and cakes and eating them with my family!


What I like: learning history, watching movies, walking in nature, trips by train and Japanese sake.


I like admiring beautiful things like flowers, trees and animals. I also enjoy learning foreign languages. 


I like eating, playing the piano, visiting museums, and traveling. As a guide, I’d be so happy if I could help you enjoy your trip.

Reiko I

I’m curious about many things, such as singing, learning Chinese language and rock climbing! I’m looking forward to seeing you!


Beautiful nature, serene atmosphere and friendly guide Sachiko are waiting for you. Fine arts and history are her favorites.


What I like: traveling, meeting people, going to art museums, painting, drawing, eating, and drinking wine. 


I like visiting temples and shrines, and museums, growing flowers and trees, and meeting people.


Welcome to Nara & Kyoto. My favorite things are traveling, watching sports, eating drinking, and chatting.


I like theater, visiting historical sights, reading, playing the piano, and chatting with people from overseas.

Yasue (sue)

I like reading books, walking and finding stories behind historical sites. I am looking forward to sharing these stories with you!


I love walking, eating, watching foreign dramas, and listening to music. I also enjoy learning something new. 

Yoshiko (debbie)

I like music, books, and sharing what I found interesting with others.

Yumiko Y

I like jogging, hiking, camping, and visiting historical places in Nara and Kyoto.


Recently I’m grateful that many foreigners are interested in our culture. I’ll be happy if I can help them to understand it better. 

Yumiko T

I feel very happy if I can add something special to your memories to take home!


NaraWalk vous propose une visite organisée en français dans le Parc de Nara « Promenade Classique à Nara » ainsi qu’un circuit sur mesure «Visite guidée privée». 

L’une et l’autre vistes avec un guide francophone, sous réservation. Ces visites vous permettront de mieux connaître l’histoire de Nara, la culture japonaise, la vie des habitants. Merci de vous inscrire via le formulaire.  *Le nombre de guides francophones étant limité, nous vous prions de faire une réservation à l’avance, le plus tôt possible.


Ce que j’aime, c’est la promenade à la campagne, la lecture de romans policièrs, la causerie avec des amis.


J’aime la musique. Je suis aussi tubiste. J’ai habité à Perpignan et a Lausanne pour mes études musicales.


J’aime bien avoir du temps d’echange convivale dans un salon du the japonais ainsi qu’ occidentale.

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